How to set up stop durations

How to set up stop durations to ensure drivers don’t ‘fall behind’ by leaving this critical piece out of the planning process

It’s always a good idea to allow a few mins for the handover at each delivery! The length of time will be determined by several factors such as the average size of orders, how heavy the packages/items are, are they also collecting old items etc.

So for example, if in general it takes approximately 10 minutes for your drivers to handover the delivery, then you can add this in at the planning stage, otherwise each of these 10 minutes could add up - you could be running 50 minutes behind after 5 deliveries! We have set this at 5 minutes as default but you may require more or less time.

To add a stop duration you can add it in one of 2 ways:

Using a Spreadsheet

You can add the heading ‘Delivery Duration’ and then how many minutes are needed per stop, this can be the same for each delivery or different depending on the size of each delivery.


When adding stops manually you can add how many minutes are required in the ‘Delivery Duration’ box.

Both options work the same it just depends on your needs! Once the delivery duration has been set, the route will be optimized to ensure drivers don’t end up behind schedule.

Happy Routing!

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