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Live-view and analyze everything your fleet does in the field

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A command centre for your vehicles in the field

Visualize your delivery fleet with a live map to manage and adjust routes in real-time. Implement a data-driven model of fleet tracking and become less dependent on a driver's local knowledge and eliminate guesswork from your delivery operations. Optimize your routes and be more efficient, which can save you time and money in the long run.

SmartRoutes’ Fleet Tracking Software showing a live dashboard with the drivers realtime location

Your drivers are your greatest asset and you need to give them great tools. Our mobile apps enables your drivers to navigate their route and capture proof of delivery. For your customers our fleet tracking functionality keeps your customers informed of their package status and live location at every step of the last mile. Helping you to build trust and loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Why use Fleet Tracking Software?

With fleet tracking software, you can have a real-time view of your fleet's daily operations, taking the guesswork out of knowing where your fleet is and allowing you to become more productive and efficient. Our fleet tracking system helps you to maximize your fleet's time, reduce your cost per delivery, and improve your delivery operations by pointing out issues with delivery routes in practice that can be later resolved. With our simple-to-use solution, you can centralize your data and gain insight from our live tracking map to see where and when your fleet is spending time.

Our fleet tracking software is perfect for fleet owners who are looking for simple and effective tracking solutions that integrate with their existing systems and help them increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. At SmartRoutes, we understand the importance of having total oversight of your fleet operations, and that's why we provide you with a data-driven model of fleet tracking that allows you to manage and adjust routes in real-time. Our fleet management tracking system provides you with total oversight into what your fleet is doing in the field, giving you the power to make informed decisions that can positively impact your bottom line.

The benefits of using fleet tracking software

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Improve Visibility

Gain oversight of your drivers when they have left the depot

Increased Efficiency icon
Increased Efficiency

By monitoring driver behavior you can reduce idle time, increase productivity and decrease fuel consumption

Accurate ETAs icon
Accurate ETAs

Once drivers mark a delivery as completed, automatically update the next customer with an accurate ETA

Reduced Tacho Hours icon
Reduce Tacho Hours

By optimizing routes, driving hours can be reduced thus reducing Tacho hours and ensuring compliance with regulations

Improved Fleet Management icon
Improved Fleet Management

Helps fleet managers make informed decisions about routing, dispatching, and maintenance

Enhanced customer service icon
Enhanced Customer Service

Customer queries can be quickly and easily resolved by customer services teams using real time tracking data

Why you should choose SmartRoutes

  • Incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use platform and app
  • Most affordable full-service route planning software on the market
  • A dedicated customer support team that is committed to making SmartRoutes work for you
  • Delivery experience functionality that will ensure you delight and retain your customers
  • Highly configurable to meet the delivery needs of any business
  • Increased logistics efficiency leading to a happier end user

What people say about SmartRoutes

Healthwave logo
“Innovating in the pharmacy industry”

SmartRoutes is core to our delivery service now and allows anyone on the pharmacy team, as well as our patients, to see where a medication order is in real time. Innovating in the pharmacy industry requires raising the bar in terms of safety standards. SmartRoutes gives us a level of traceability that simply isn’t possible without their geolocation technology. If you are not using SmartRoutes, you are most certainly running an inefficient delivery service.

Shane O'S Healthwave

Planning your routes with SmartRoutes


Add your vehicles and team members


Connect your order management system directly to SmartRoutes


Create customer tags, driver territories and vehicle parameters


Assign orders automatically to territories, vehicle parameters, etc


View map of customers color-coded by how recently an order was placed


Specify if you want label scanning to take place at specific order stages


View end of day reports to track driver activity, order completion and mileage reports

Delivery fleet tracking with so much more

Live vehicle map

View all your vehicles/drivers on a live map for total oversight on operations

Reporting suite

View up-to-the-minute reports on stops, driver activity, customer SMS & email and order statuses

Team management

See at a glance team availability and the best way to manage workload to maximise efficiency

Customer updates

Gather accurate ETAs and pass to customers via email, SMS or live-tracking portal

Order tracking

Filter orders by scheduled, in progress, completed or undelivered to successfully manage orders

POD notifications

Automatically email your customers after delivery with proof of delivery photo or e-signature

Live package tracking

Create a branded live package tracking portal for your customers to give them the best delivery experience possible

Zone management

Manage territories with our zone creator balancing driver workload within a zone and reducing their distance to first stop

Live route adjustment

Change routes that are in progress and update driver's app automatically

And that’s not all…check out other SmartRoutes features

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