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Route planning made easy with intelligent software

Start planning your routes easier with SmartRoutes. Automatically assign routes to drivers' and send to their mobile app. Gain oversight into your delivery operations and get total visibility into ETA’s, time windows and expected cost of delivery operations. Save time, money and emissions by reducing driver hours.

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Our routing software will reduce cost per delivery by at least 33% versus traditional route planning. Factoring in complex variables like time windows, load balancing, zonal territories and even vehicle variables to avoid missed deliveries and deadlines.

Why use Route Planning Software?

Route Planning software helps you to plan your deliveries more efficiently. Whether you’re looking for delivery software for a small business or you’re a larger logistics company, our routing software can help. Our Route Planner can be used by anyone from transportation and service dispatchers, fleet managers and courier drivers.

Our route planning software saves your team hours in planning and admin each week and betters the overall delivery experience for your customers, which can no longer be achieved with pen and paper. In order to plan a route with SmartRoutes, you can simply upload addresses directly into the SmartRoutes app or upload bulk addresses using excel or Google Sheets. We can also integrate with various ecommerce plugins such as Shopify and WooCommerce. With our 2-way integration, order information is pulled directly from your order management system and routes are automatically planned and optimized.

The benefits of using a route planner

Save time with Route Planning Software icon
Save Time

Spend less time by no longer having to manually plan routes

Increase productivity with Route Planning Software icon
Improve Productivity

Increase your drivers capacity with efficient vehicle capacity planning and load balancing.

Reduce fuel consumption with Route Planning Software icon
Reduce fuel consumption

Spend less time on the road therefore your vehicles don’t need to be filled up as often

Increase profitability with Route Planning Software icon
Increase profitability

Complete the same or more work with less drivers, reducing your cost per delivery and ultimately increasing profit margins.

No training required for Route Planning Software icon
No Training Required

Very user friendly interface and intuitive design - however training is available if preferred!

No new hardware needed for Route Planning Software icon
No New Hardware Needed

All you need to access both the Desktop and Mobile apps is a wifi connection.

Why you should choose SmartRoutes

  • Incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use platform and app
  • Most affordable full-service route planning software on the market
  • A dedicated customer support team that is committed to making SmartRoutes work for you
  • Delivery experience functionality that will ensure you delight and retain your customers
  • Highly configurable to meet the delivery needs of any business
  • Increased logistics efficiency leading to a happier end user

What people say about SmartRoutes

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“It’s made life easier for everyone”

Our entire logistics team is now using SmartRoutes functionality, and the support we’ve received from their team has been exceptional. It’s made life easier for everyone and the order management functionality has made us more efficient across the board

Barry R. CEO, DeliverIT

Planning your routes with SmartRoutes


Add your vehicles and team members


Connect your order management system directly to SmartRoutes


Create customer tags, driver territories and vehicle parameters


Assign orders automatically to territories, vehicle parameters, etc


View map of customers color-coded by how recently an order was placed


Specify if you want label scanning to take place at specific order stages


View end of day reports to track driver activity, order completion and mileage reports

Routing software with so much more

Database import

Easily import your database of stops or customers for easy route planning

Route scheduling

Schedule routes in the click of a button and assign those routes to direct to driver's app

Order management

Create dispatch notes, manifests or order sheets for each order

Route management

View all data related to routes such as distance, duration and driver activity. Create saved routes and skeleton routes as needed

Automated route creation

Integrate with your own systems or eCommerce site to automatically create routes when orders are made

Order tracking

Filter orders by scheduled, in progress, completed or undelivered to successfully manage orders

Label printing

Print out manifests or labels direct from system

Customer mapping

View your map of customers to facilitate regular visits and deliveries

Team permission sets

Permission settings for all of your team from drivers to depot managers to super-admins

And that’s not all… check out our product features around

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
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  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
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