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The best app for drivers to navigate and deliver efficiently

The drivers of your delivery business are crucial to its success, and providing them with effective tools is essential. Our mobile applications are specifically designed to optimize your drivers' delivery routes and simplify their navigation. With our app, your drivers can easily access the most efficient routes for their deliveries. Our app also provides real-time traffic updates, so drivers can avoid delays and reach their destinations faster. With GPS driver tracking, delivery managers can monitor drivers' progress, receive alerts about any delays or issues, and make real-time adjustments to routes or schedules as needed.

SmartRoutes’ Delivery Driver App screens showing a route in progress, where you can capture POD and the driver notes function.

Capturing proof of delivery is a critical task for any delivery driver, and our SmartRoutes mobile app makes this process simple and efficient. With options such as e-signatures, photo capture, and barcode scanning, drivers can quickly and accurately capture proof of delivery, ensuring that customers receive their packages and that the business has a record of the transaction. The app also allows drivers to communicate directly with customers, keeping them informed about the status of their delivery and providing them with updates on their estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Why use a delivery driver app?

If you're looking for ways to simplify your delivery operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, a delivery driver app is an excellent choice. With a user-friendly interface, our SmartRoutes mobile app makes it easy for drivers to navigate, communicate with customers, and capture proof of delivery. Minimal training is required, as our app is intuitive and straightforward to use.

In addition to providing essential features like optimized routes and proof of delivery, our app also gives you real-time oversight on your drivers in the field. With GPS tracking, you can see where your drivers are at any given time, track their progress, and communicate with them as needed. This level of visibility and control can help you ensure that deliveries are made on time, and that any issues are promptly addressed. A delivery driver app can provide numerous benefits to your business, from simplifying your delivery operations to reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. By using SmartRoutes, you can stay ahead of the competition and take your business to the next level.

The benefits of using a delivery driver app

Streamlined Operations icon
Streamlined Operations

Optimize routes, track drivers in real-time and monitor delivery status, making your delivery operations more efficient

Easy Access Information icon
Easy Access to Information

Delivery addresses, customer contact information and delivery instructions all in one place.

Customer Satisfaction icon
Customer Satisfaction

Features like POD, customer notifications and ETA updates help you keep your customers informed and satisfied

Accurate ETAs icon
Accurate ETAs

By creating virtual boundaries around delivery locations, the app can send automated notifications to customers when the driver enters or leaves the area

Realtime Oversight icon
Real-Time Oversight

Real-time visibility into driver locations makes it easier to manage deliveries and respond to issues as they arise

No Training Required icon
No Training Needed

A user-friendly delivery driver app requiring little to no training for new drivers

Why you should choose SmartRoutes

  • Incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use platform and app
  • Most affordable full-service route planning software on the market
  • A dedicated customer support team that is committed to making SmartRoutes work for you
  • Delivery experience functionality that will ensure you delight and retain your customers
  • Highly configurable to meet the delivery needs of any business
  • Increased logistics efficiency leading to a happier end user

What people say about SmartRoutes

The Irish Times logo
“Full visibility of every touch point”

Delivering over 90,000 newspapers every week requires our entire operations and logistic divisions to be on the same page. SmartRoutes gave us full visibility of every touch point from print production right up to end customer queries. Without their combination of software and service, this simply wouldn't be possible.

Fran W. The Irish Times

Planning your routes with SmartRoutes


Add your vehicles and team members


Connect your order management system directly to SmartRoutes


Create customer tags, driver territories and vehicle parameters


Assign orders automatically to territories, vehicle parameters, etc


View map of customers color-coded by how recently an order was placed


Specify if you want label scanning to take place at specific order stages


View end of day reports to track driver activity, order completion and mileage reports

Delivery driver apps with so much more

Mobile apps

Beautiful and intuitive delivery driver apps on iOS and Android that get the delivery job done

Sync field and depot

Capture all delivery activities in real-time including progress of route stops, proof of delivery and driver notes

Real-time amendments

Easily update routes in the event of changed conditions, re-optimize and create dispatch notes for drivers

Navigation for drivers

Autodirect drivers to their preferred Nav app to get from A to B most efficiently

Live vehicle map

View all your vehicles/drivers on a live map for total oversight on operations

Optimization algorithm

Automatic route creation and optimization based on the SmartRoutes advanced routing algorithm

Driver balancing

Automatically divide routes between drivers based on hours of work, load size or number of stops

E-signature capture

Drivers can capture recipient e-signature as proof of delivery directly on their SmartRoutes app

Photo proof

Use the mobile app to take a photo of delivery location and share with relevant parties

And that’s not all…check out other SmartRoutes features

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
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