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Planning Features

User Friendly Design

Our Software is built with you, the customer in mind

Easy Configuration

Save an unlimited number of routes online or import through Excel, CSV etc

Driver Monitoring

All of the drivers can be monitored in real time to show their location and ETA for customers

Optimizing Routes

Minimize Distance, Minimize Time, Balance Distance and Time. Review your routes and manually move stops

Simple Integration

SmartRoutes can be integrated with almost any pre-existing solution. We work with you to facilitate your current infrastructure

Reliable Results

Get reliable & reproducible results every time using our industry-leading software solution

In-App Support

In-App support from Routing Experts who will ensure you optimize delivery efficiency

Dispatch To Drivers

Send routes to drivers with a single click. Drivers stay on track to ensure an exceptional delivery experience

Customer Satisfaction

Always keep your customers informed on estimated arrival times

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When I met Dave I didn’t think that in the space of 3 months we would save so much money for Mr Windscreen. As a result of using SmartRoutes, we have saved thousands of euros in fuel, planning and wages. Thank you Dave and team

Gerry Fitzgibbon, Managing Director, Mr. Windscreen

Massive thanks again to SmartRoutes. You have saved me numerous hours of stressing about where my drivers are and whether or not they are going to arrive on time to our customers or not. Thanks you guys - keep up the good work

Jim Kirwan, Operations Manager, Keyfast

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