Desktop Route Planner & Mobile Driver
Key Features

Desktop Route Planner & Mobile Driver App work in tandem to bring your delivery operations to the next level of organisation and efficiency


Route Planning

Plan multiple routes in a matter of minutes using the Route Planner.

Route Optimisation

Simply upload your order or stops, and have multiple routes created and optimised for any number of vehicles and drivers. Eliminate time-consuming, manual planning in the confidence that your routes are as efficient as possible.


Create custom & flexible geographical territories and assign drivers and vehicles to them.


Manually make alterations to route stop sequences as necessary.

Delivery Windows

Account for customer needs and demands by allocating specific time windows for drop-offs.

Automate Order Imports

Automatically feed orders into SmartRoutes and have them added to your list for routing.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields, buttons and functionality to adapt our platform to your business needs.

Address Verification & Validation

Our system will automatically verify addresses on order using our postcode and eircode validation. Our system will also store addresses and validate partial addresses for future planning.

Dispatch Notes

Include notes for drivers on each stop. Remove paper trails for data privacy compliance.

Quickly upload existing routes

Upload orders and routes via CSV/Excel or through API.


Integrate your current order management system or eCommerce platform to automate and streamline your entire delivery process through API or flat file/CSV.


Live Vehicle Tracking

Built-in location tracking on the Mobile Driver Apps ensure accurate, real-time location data and eliminates the need for dated tracking devices in all vehicles.

Real-Time ETAs

Improve business operations and boost customer satisfaction with accurate ETAs with up-to-the-minute ETA’s on the Live Routes Dashboard.

Secure Storage

Store customer and order data, as well as previous routes and addresses for continuous business improvement and operational improvement.

Increase Sales

Provides sales teams with current ‘Customer Order Statuses’ on a live map. Provides full visibility and oversight to sales teams, allowing them to boost profits on routes.


Export data reports for oversight, trend-spotting, analysis & invoicing.

Out On The Road

Route Navigation

Drivers can navigate to each stop using in-built route navigation.

Driver Notes

Allow driver to keep notes on each delivery and live-feed undeliverables back to the depot.


SmartSig combines both photo and signature POD’s. Easily download, send and/or print at customers demand.


Dispatch routes to the Drivers smartphones and give them full visibility of routes well in advance.

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