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Mobile app features

Mobile apps

Beautiful and intuitive delivery driver apps on iOS and Android that get the delivery job done

Sync field and depot

Capture all delivery activities in real-time including progress of route stops, proof of delivery and driver notes

Real-time amendments

Easily update routes in the event of changed conditions, re-optimize and create dispatch notes for drivers

Navigation for drivers

Autodirect drivers to their preferred Nav app to get from A to B most efficiently
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Route Planning

Database import

Easily import your database of stops or customers for easy route planning

Route scheduling

Schedule routes in the click of a button and assign those routes to direct to driver's app

Automated route creation

Integrate with your own systems or eCommerce site to automatically create routes when orders are made

Route management

View all data related to routes such as distance, duration and driver activity. Create saved routes and skeleton routes as needed
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Route Optimization

Optimization algorithm

Automatic route creation and optimization based on the SmartRoutes advanced routing algorithm

Vehicle capacities

Set vehicle capacities per route such as vehicle load, height, road restrictions and time windows

Driver balancing

Automatically divide routes between drivers based on hours of work, load size or number of stops

Zone management

Manage territories with our zone creator balancing driver workload within a zone and reducing their distance to first stop

Live route adjustment

Change routes that are in progress and update driver's app automatically
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Delivery Fleet Tracking

Live vehicle map

View all your vehicles/drivers on a live map for total oversight on operations

Reporting suite

View up-to-the-minute reports on stops, driver activity, customer SMS & email and order statuses

Team management

See at a glance team availability and the best way to manage workload to maximise efficiency

Customer updates

Gather accurate ETAs and pass to customers via email, SMS or live-tracking portal
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Delivery Management

Order management

Create dispatch notes, manifests or order sheets for each order

Order tracking

Filter orders by scheduled, in progress, completed or undelivered to successfully manage orders

Label printing

Print out manifests or labels direct from system

Customer mapping

View your map of customers to facilitate regular visits and deliveries

Team permission sets

Permission settings for all of your team from drivers to depot managers to super-admins
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Proof of Delivery

POD notifications

Automatically email your customers after delivery with proof of delivery photo or e-signature

E-signature capture

Drivers can capture recipient e-signature as proof of delivery directly on their SmartRoutes app

Photo proof

Use the mobile app to take a photo of delivery location and share with relevant parties

Integrate with your systems

Sync proof of delivery information back to your ERP system
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Delivery Experience

Customer notifications

Automate email or SMS notifications to customers to keep them up-to-date on deliveries

POD follow-up

Follow up with customers post-delivery with branded proof of delivery documentation

Integrated customer communication

Allow customers to call or message their driver direct from their notification email or SMS

Live package tracking

Create a branded live package tracking portal for your customers to give them the best delivery experience possible
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Additional Features

API integrations

API custom integrations to connect with your digital universe and create the perfect tech stack

Multi-depot structure

Multi-depot set up for larger organizations with localized permission settings and information silos as required

Custom development

Custom build work as necessary including feature development, specialized reports or unique workflows

White label branding

White label offering to increase brand penetration with logistics network and customers including branded live tracking portal and notifications
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