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Optimize your delivery routes with the click of a button

Our route optimizing algorithm will reduce cost per delivery by at least 33% versus traditional planning and allow you to factor in complex variables like time windows, load balancing, zonal territories and even vehicle variables to avoid missed deliveries and deadlines.

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Vehicles leaving the depot fully loaded results in greater profitability. Correct route optimization avoids missed deliveries and deadlines helping your bottom line. Deliveries made on time greatly increases repeat customer ordering and reduces churn.

What is Route Optimization Software?

Route Optimization Software is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route rather than simply finding the shortest route between two points. Manually planning routes is a tedious process. Which is why a multi stop route optimization system can be hugely beneficial to any company that makes deliveries/collections. Well planned routes reduce the time your drivers spend on the road per delivery which leads to lower fuel usages thus reducing fuel costs, all while maximizing the amount of deliveries your drivers can make per day.

SmartRoutes route optimization app helps you calculate the most cost-efficient routes for your drivers. A route optimizer also gives you the chance to respond to changes and update already planned routes in real time as situations change throughout the day. Route optimization software will help you to transform your overall delivery logistics process. It will reduce the time and fuel wasted on sending multiple vehicles to the same area which often happens when routes are manually planned.

Why you should choose SmartRoutes

  • Incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use platform and app
  • Most affordable full-service delivery management solution on the market
  • A customer support team that is committed to making SmartRoutes work for you
  • Delivery experience functionality that will ensure you delight and retain your customers
  • Highly configurable to meet the delivery needs of any business

What our customers say about SmartRoutes

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Our entire logistics team is now using SmartRoutes functionality, and the support we’ve received from their team has been exceptional. It’s made life easier for everyone and the route optimization has made us more efficient across the board.

- Barry Rabbit CEO DeliverIt

How SmartRoutes works to optimize your routes

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  • 1
  • Add your vehicles and team members
  • 2
  • Upload your stops manually or by .csv or .xl
  • 3
  • Set parameters for vehicles based on time windows, size or zones of operation
  • 4
  • Optimize the routes with one click of the SmartRoutes algorithm
  • 5
  • Dispatch the routes to your drivers' mobile apps
  • 6
  • Re-optimize routes in response to field conditions
  • 7
  • Blend optimized routing with local knowledge to create 'base routes'

Route optimization with so much more

Database import

Easily import your database of stops or customers for easy route planning

Route scheduling

Schedule routes in the click of a button and assign those routes direct to driver's app

Automated route creation

Integrate with your own systems or eCommerce site to automatically create routes when orders are made

Route management

View all data related to routes such as distance, duration and driver activity. Create saved routes and skeleton routes as needed

Optimization algorithm

Automatic route creation and optimization based on the SmartRoutes advanced routing algorithm

Vehicle capacities

Set vehicle capacities per route such as vehicle load, height, road restrictions and time windows

Driver balancing

Automatically divide routes between drivers based on hours of work, load size or number of stops

Zone management

Manage territories with our zone creator balancing driver workload within a zone and reducing their distance to first stop

Live route adjustment

Change routes that are in progress and update driver's app automatically

And that’s not all…check out other SmartRoutes features

Join us in transforming last mile operations

SmartRoutes is on a mission. We want to build the best last-mile solution for businesses that saves them time and money, but we also want to stop the waste in delivery management. We aim to cut down on unnecessary miles driven, fuel used and carbon emissions across the world in the next decade. Join us in reducing your carbon footprint while improving your bottom-line.

See how much you will save using SmartRoutes

Monthly Savings of implementing SmartRoutes


This does not include reduction in carbon footprint, increases to delivery experience for customers, proof of delivery functionality and hedging against driver attrition

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
  • No set-up fees
  • Short-term commitment to test ROI
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