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Our Story

David and Blake Walsh founded SmartRoutes in 2018 with a vision to make route planning and fleet management accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. They identified the potential to utilize emerging technologies and data sources to offer top-notch solutions to these businesses at affordable prices, in contrast to the exorbitant fees charged by others in the market. Their initial idea quickly gained traction and SmartRoutes began serving customers in a wide range of industries, including newspaper and grocery delivery, courier and logistics, and more. As the company grew, the team continued to refine and expand the platform, incorporating customer feedback and the latest technological advancements to ensure they were providing the most effective and efficient delivery solutions possible.

Today, SmartRoutes serves over 700 customers in 16 countries and counting, helping businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. Their innovative approach to route planning has earned them a reputation as a leader in the industry, and they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service. We believe in providing the highest level of customer service and support, which is why we are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance and onboarding. Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, SmartRoutes has the tools and expertise to help you optimize your fleet, reduce costs and keep your customers coming back for more.

Our Leadership Team

  • CEO David Walsh

    David is CEO of SmartRoutes and has deep knowledge of web development and platform creation from his previous work with PSI Mobile and Research International. David is an expert in the engineering requirements for efficient last-mile operations and works at the forefront of efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

  • COO Blake Walsh

    Blake Walsh is co-founder and COO of SmartRoutes. He has extensive experience in business analysis, consultancy and project management having worked with Deloitte, RBS Banking Global and Apple Inc. Blake brings to the team a business analyst's approach and the ability to manage the various stages of high-growth start-ups. When he is not solving last-mile problems Blake is a keen sailor and can be found tacking through choppy waters in Cork harbour.

  • Marketing Executive Caroline Hassett

    Caroline is marketing executive at SmartRoutes. She has a Bachelors in Economics and Geography and a Masters in Management and Marketing from University College Cork. With a passion for driving growth, she likes to keep up to date with all things marketing. Having worked in a variety of industries, she particularly enjoys content creation and likes to dabble in a bit of design.


    Ryan is a self-motivated sales, customer service and operational professional. Throughout his career, has developed excellent sales, customer service and account management skills. Ryan's experience in sales has driven him to strive towards and never fear targets in ever evolving environments and markets. Outside of his professional life, Ryan is a GAA and fitness fanatic, actively competing in both hurling and CrossFit.

  • FULL STACK DEVELOPER Kyle Williamson

    Kyle is a full-stack developer with a passion for software architecture and new technologies. He has extensive experience in web, cloud and JavaScript web applications. He maintains personal projects and volunteer roles with organizations such as CoderDojo and 100Minds.


    Sean is a full-stack developer with a Masters in Data Science and Analytics from University College Cork. He has worked on the SmartRoutes build from early on building out the mobile apps and dashboard platform. Sean is a rugby enthusiast and plays backline for Crosshaven Rugby Club.


    Kieran is a front-end developer. He has experience with various web technologies and has received industry awards in website design for his personal portfolio. Kieran also specializes in algorithm design and analysis, helping to optimize Smartroutes' vehicle routing algorithm.

Our Platform

SmartRoutes streamlines your entire delivery process - combining route planning, PODs, notifications and fleet tracking, all in one platform.

Route Planning

Plan routes effortlessly with SmartRoutes. Auto-assign routes to drivers' mobile apps for full visibility into ETA’s, time windows, and delivery costs. Reduce driver hours and save time, money and emissions.

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Route Optimization

Boost delivery efficiency by 33% with our route optimization software! Our intelligent software factors in time windows, load balancing and vehicle variables to avoid missed deliveries and deadlines.

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Delivery Management

Maximize your delivery operations. Gain total visibility to make data-driven decisions, optimize delivery performance and enhance logistics operations. Keep costs in check and deliver a superior customer experience.

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Fleet Tracking

Track your fleet in real-time with our live map. Eliminate guesswork and reduce reliance on drivers' local knowledge with our data-driven model of fleet tracking. Optimize your routes and enhance efficiency to save time and money.

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Delivery Experience

Boost customer satisfaction with real-time notifications and live package tracking. Our user-friendly solution is easy to implement and ideal for any business. Reduce costs and improve customer loyalty.

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Delivery Driver App

Empower your drivers with our mobile apps. Our tools optimize delivery routes and simplify navigation. GPS driver tracking enables easy coordination and monitoring of drivers in the field.

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Proof of Delivery

Secure your delivery process with SmartRoutes. Capture proof of delivery through e-signatures, photos, or barcode scans, and automate email confirmations to customers or relevant ERP systems.

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Order Management

Seamlessly integrates with your order management system and automatically assigns orders to delivery teams. Enhance the customer experience with live tracking maps and real time updates.

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SmartRoutes in numbers

SmartRoutes in numbers
SmartRoutes in numbers

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We work with a diverse range of industries to provide solutions that meet their unique needs. Take a look at some of the industries we serve below.

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