Supermarket & Grocery Delivery

We help supermarkets and grocery stores to evolve with growing consumer demand for just-in-time and cost-effective solutions.

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Desktop Route Planning & Optimisation

  • Cut hours of admin and planning time by having multiple delivery routes, for multiple drivers and vehicles, created at the click of a button
  • Utilise Postcodes & Eircodes to quickly and accurately plan deliveries
  • Instantly dispatch routes to Drivers
  • Create flexible geographical zones and assign vehicles and drivers accordingly
  • Optimise vehicle efficiency with smart load-balancing
  • Automate the inclusion of individual customer requests

Grocery Delivery Software

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Real-Time Visibility & Transparency

  • Improve fleet visibility with real-time vehicle tracking, giving a birds-eye view of what’s happening on the road
  • Allocate orders to drivers throughout the day, taking delivery time-slots into account
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing real-time ETA’s to customers
  • Drive sales by pro-actively reaching out to regular, repeat customers along planned routes

Depot Order & Picking Management

  • Improve efficiency of in-store order picking through automated order allocation
  • Provide driver and management with oversight of pick statuses
  • Integrate with existing order picking run-sheet systems

Intuitive Driver Mobile Apps

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  • Flexible and on-the-fly routing and navigation, in one easy-to-use mobile app
  • Record signatures, notes and proof-of-delivery
  • Accurate GPS tracking for back-office oversight
  • Advanced driver performance reporting
  • Improve Data Protection and Security by removing easily-lost paper trails from vehicles


  • Record driver and route metrics such as driving time, efficiency & route diversion
  • Automate weekly or monthly DOT, CSAT, NPS etc. Reports
  • Utilise data for ongoing scalability and organisational optimisation
  • Automatically transfer learned route knowledge from Driver Apps to the Desktop Planner


SmartRoutes is experienced in working with third-parties software providers and can be seamlessly integrated with your current Telematics and Order Management Systems

Easily integrate with your existing Proof-of-Delivery solution

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See our full list of integrations here

What people say about SmartRoutes

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“Ease of implementation and on-going support”

SmartRoutes helped me reduce admin planning time by 85% and fuel by 20%. However, what really sets SmartRoutes apart is the ease of implementation and the on-going support they provide.

Barry R. Owner, Deliver-It

Read more about our project with Deliver-IT here

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
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