How To Adjust The Start Time Of A Route

Follow our step-by-step guide to adjust the start time of your routes using SmartRoutes.

If you create a route in SmartRoutes and realise that the route is starting to early or late, here’s how to change it.

Once you've generated your route, navigate to the "Manage Vehicles" option as shown in the image below. From there, select the vehicle you wish to assign to the route.

From here, under ‘Availability’, you can modify both the start and end times of the route, as well as incorporate any necessary driver breaks.

After adjusting the timing to your preference, click on "Re-Optimize" to ensure that the route is updated based on the new information provided.

In the example below, we opted to begin the route at a later time compared to the previous schedule.

Now your route is ready to send to your drivers with the amended start time!

Happy Routing!

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