How to Setup Customer Notifications

How to set up customer notifications and create new templates

To setup notifications you can choose the notifications tab on the left hand navigation menu.  

From here you can choose when you want notifications to be sent.

Notifications Types

Planning Stage:

  • Send your customers a notification in advance of their delivery. Include a tracking link so they can see the exact location of the vehicle en route.

On the Road:

  • You can opt to send a notification at the start of the route, indicating the driver has begun making deliveries for the day.
  • You can also choose to send an "out for delivery" notification, which will be automatically triggered and sent when the driver’s GPS shows they are 30 minutes away from the delivery location.

After Delivery:

  • You can choose to send a notification once a delivery has been successfully made.
  • Send a "failed delivery" notification if the delivery was unsuccessful. This notification can include a link for your customer to re-book their delivery at a new time.

To create new templates, scroll down to the end of the page and click ‘Create new template’. You will be able to add in whatever text you require and you can also add in some preset information that will update automatically for eg. planned arrival time and tracking links.

That’s it! Notifications will be sent automatically as determined by you.

Happy Routing!

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