How to access driver analytics and reports

How to access driver analytics and reports

There are a number of reports and analytics available for you in SmartRoutes desktop app.  

Simply click on reports in the left hand navigation as shown below. This will bring you to the 'Performance Metrics' Dashboard.

The dashboard will show the following information:

  • Stop Completion: Indicates completed, undeliverable and outstanding stops.
  • Planned vs. Actual Distance: Track the adherence of your fleet to planned routes by comparing planned distances to actual distances covered.
  • Quantity Capacity Usage: Monitor the extent to which vehicles are utilizing their full capacity.
  • Shift Usage: Maximize the productivity of your drivers by analyzing their shift utilization.

From the ‘Stops’ report you can view the progress of routes. You can see how many have been completed, failed and those outstanding. You can also check any specific information regarding each stop for example failed reasons.

You can check the status of notifications that have been or are yet to be sent.

There are several other reports you can access from SmartRoutes all giving you a good indication of your delivery performance.

Happy Routing!

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