How to Change Individual Driver Settings

Learn how to change driver settings such as availability, break durations, skills and more.

Now that you have added drivers to your SmartRoutes account, the next step you might need to take is setting up specific settings.

To begin, head to the Settings menu. Under ‘Vehicle Settings’, either choose ‘Vehicle Setup’ or access ‘Vehicles’ from the left-hand navigation menu.

Once there, select the vehicle you want to customize. Here, you can designate a driver to the vehicle and adjust various settings, including:

  • Driver Availability: Specify whether they are available all day, set start and end times, or leave it at the default setting, which is ‘start now’.
  • Driver Breaks: Toggle this option to set the earliest and latest times for breaks, as well as the duration in minutes. For instance, if you prefer flexibility, you can set a time frame, like 12pm-2pm, and the software will optimize a 30-minute break within that period. Alternatively, you can specify exact start and end times.
  • Start and End Locations: Choose from options like the depot’s location, manually entering a location, starting from the app's location (ideal for drivers starting from various points, such as their home), or choose to end at the last stop on the route.
  • Driver Skills: Customize driver skills to match specific delivery requirements. For example, if certain deliveries demand an articulated truck to access loading bays, ensure the appropriate skill is assigned to the driver.

Happy Routing!

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