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If you run your online store on WooCommerce, automating delivery routes based on your orders can save hours of time. Check out how we can help.

SmartRoute & WooCommerce
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SmartRoutes is the perfect partner for anyone using WooCommerce for their online shop or ordering system. It is perfect for managing deliveries and integrates with your WooCommerce orders to automate the entire thing. SmartRoutes is a delivery management system that helps businesses to create and manage last-mile delivery routes. The desktop and smartphone combination saves business owners and the transport, sales and customer service staff to save hours of time, and provides significant ROI in a short space of time.

With the explosion of eCommerce and home delivery over the past year (partially due to Covid-19, and businesses looking for new, online sales channels), many have adopted WooCommerce as their solution of choice for building and hosting their online stores. Other eCommerce providers too have seen a huge increase in home delivery, in particular, delivery route planners for Shopify have been inundated with higher volumes of orders.

WooCommerce Delivery Management with SmartRoutes

At SmartRoutes, we saw many businesses looking to implement a new website, and local delivery service. Each of these undertakings can be a big step for a small business, and managing the implementation of both at one time was a learning experience for many.

We identified an opportunity to unify these two solutions and make the transition as easy and seamless as possible. That’s why we created a custom WooCommerce API that can save teams hours in planning by passing orders from their store directly to their SmartRoutes Desktop Route Planner. This allows the business to create optimized routes for admin staff and drivers, saving staff hours in manual planning and data input every week.

Let’s call it a ‘WooCommerce Delivery Route Planner’!

WooCommerce Orders on laptop mockup

How does a WooCommerce delivery route planning API work?

The API works by pulling in orders directly into the plan screen as required based the order status in WooCommerce (typically customers will create a specific order status in WooCommerce e.g. Ready for Delivery - and then we just import those orders).

List or orders on the SmartRoutes Desktop Route Planner

This simple interface then gives businesses owners and in-house staff the ability to see orders and their routes by simply logging in to the Desktop Route Planner. Last mile carrier tracking is a great way to improve the overall delivery experience.

Once happy with the routes, they are sent to the Driver Mobile App, and they are ready to hit the road on their delivery route as soon as they arrive on-site. On the app, drivers can see all their stops, with names, addresses and customer and dispatch notes available for each at the touch of a button, and use Google Maps route navigation to complete their entire route.

Mockup of 3 features on the SmartRoutes Desktop Mobile App

To help achieve first-time delivery, and to provide customers with that 5-star customer experience, we also allow you to send your customers automated emails and text with planned delivery time (you might tell we’re BIG fans of automation here at SmartRoutes!). This can make all the difference for drivers and allows small businesses to build a rapport with frequent customers.

Customer SMS notification sent through SmartRoutes

As driver mark orders complete on the app, the live order statuses are also updated in real-time in WooCommerce. Our API passes this information back complete with photo proof-of-delivery, meaning that staff can reach-out to those with missed deliveries, or answer queries about deliveries quickly without having to distract the driver on the road.

From the office, businesses can see where their fleet is at any given time, and provide customers with up-to-the minute ETD’s (Estimated Time of Arrival) for each delivery.

SmartRoutes Live Vehicle Tracking Dashboard

When it comes to reporting, SmartRoutes can quickly retrieve delivery reports in bulk, excel, or individually, saving teams hours when it comes to invoicing and dealing with historical queries.

You can get an insight into how our our client, Ridgeway Wagyu, routes orders through WooCommerce with our delivery route planner here.

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