5 Best Alternatives to Upper Route Planner

We have put together a list of the 5 Best Alternatives to Upper Route Planner. Make an informed decision and compare the alternatives’ features, pricing, user-friendliness and customer support.

5 Best Alternatives to Upper Route Planner

Upper Route Planner is a route planning solution that is suitable for both large and small businesses large and small. Are you seeking an alternative to Upper Route Planner? In this article, we will introduce you to the top five alternatives to Upper Route Planner, each offering a range of similar features including customer notifications, proof of delivery, and route optimization. One alternative that stands out from the crowd is SmartRoutes (if we do say so ourselves!) Not only does it provide similar functionalities, but it also offers more affordable pricing, exceptional customer service and a user-friendly experience.

Why You Should Switch to an Upper Route Planner Alternatives


One significant drawback of Upper Route Planner is its pricing structure. Depending on your business size and requirements, Upper's pricing plans might not align with your budgetary constraints. Pricing starts at $100 per month for their most basic package, which may be too steep for many users, considering the limited functionality offered at this price point. However, to access essential features such as proof of delivery, customer notifications, and fleet tracking, you would need to upgrade to their higher-tier plans, which can set you back $200 or more per month.

Upper Pricing

Upper's subscription model restricts certain integration capabilities. If you wish to integrate Upper with other software applications, you are required to subscribe to their Enterprise plan, which incurs additional costs. In contrast, many alternative route planning solutions offer out-of-the-box integration with common platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, even at their lower-tier plans.

Reviews of Upper often highlight issues with performance and bugs. Lag and technical glitches can severely impact the efficiency of your route planning processes, leading to delays and costly mistakes. For instance, one user reported instances where their routes were not optimized for multiple days, resulting in lost time and financial losses, leading them to ultimately cancel their subscription.


Upper Route Planner may fall short in this aspect. Based on user reviews, many have cited reliability as a significant issue, which is particularly crucial for businesses involved in deliveries. Numerous users have expressed frustration with the app's frequent freezes, resulting in prolonged route planning times and hindered productivity. Additionally, reports of app crashes have further exacerbated reliability concerns. While technological hiccups are not uncommon for any business, Upper's customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company's customer support team's responsiveness in addressing these issues. One user even resorted to leaving a review asking for their emails to be answered in an attempt to grab their attention.


The platform allows you to create and edit routes right before dispatch, once the routes have been dispatched, you do not have the ability to make any further changes. This lack of flexibility can pose significant challenges, especially in dynamic delivery situations. Let's say you need to add or remove a stop from a driver's route while they are already en route to their destinations. With Upper, this cannot be done, leaving you unable to adapt to changing circumstances or address unforeseen events effectively. In contrast, most other route planning solutions provide the ability to make changes and updates to live routes in real-time. They offer features that enable you to add or remove stops, adjust priorities, or optimize routes on the fly. By not having the capability to make necessary adjustments on the go, Upper Route Planner limits your ability to optimize delivery routes and respond to changing circumstances promptly.

Furthermore, many alternative route planning platforms go beyond just allowing edits to live routes. They provide additional functionalities such as sending push notifications to drivers to inform them of any changes made to their routes. This ensures that drivers are kept informed and can adjust their plans accordingly, leading to smoother operations and better customer service.

5 Best Upper Route Planner Alternatives

1. SmartRoutes

SmartRoutes Homepage
SmartRoutes Homepage

If you're seeking an alternative to Upper Route Planner that allows you to replace it without compromising on essential features, SmartRoutes is an excellent choice. SmartRoutes is a leading provider of innovative route planning and delivery management software. With a mission to simplify the complexities of delivery operations, SmartRoutes offers a robust platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to optimize their routes, enhance customer service and maximize efficiency.

At the heart of SmartRoutes is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about revolutionizing how deliveries are managed. With years of experience in the logistics and technology industries, we understand the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to route planning, fleet management and customer communication. This deep understanding drives the development of SmartRoutes' cutting-edge features and the commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience.

SmartRoutes stands out from the competition, focusing on affordability without compromising functionality. By offering comprehensive features such as customer notifications, proof of delivery, and route optimization at accessible pricing tiers, SmartRoutes ensures that businesses of all scales can access the tools they need to thrive in the competitive delivery landscape.

SmartRoutes Route Planning Software

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Main Features of SmartRoutes

  • Route Optimization: Efficiency is key when it comes to delivery management, and SmartRoutes excels in route optimization. The platform leverages advanced algorithms to create the most optimal routes, taking into account factors such as traffic conditions, delivery priorities and time windows.
  • Customer Notifications: Just like Upper, SmartRoutes provides customer notifications, ensuring that your customers stay informed about their deliveries every step of the way. However, what sets SmartRoutes apart is its affordable pricing. While Upper might charge $200 per month for this feature, SmartRoutes includes customer notifications in our €49 per month plan, allowing you to provide excellent service without breaking the bank.
  • Proof of Delivery: SmartRoutes enables you to easily capture proof of delivery for your shipments. This feature ensures that you have a record of successful deliveries and helps mitigate disputes or discrepancies that may arise.
  • Real-Time Tracking: With SmartRoutes, you can provide real-time tracking capabilities to your customers. The platform offers GPS-enabled tracking, allowing both you and your customers to monitor the progress of deliveries in real-time. This transparency enhances customer satisfaction and reduces inquiries about delivery status.
  • Delivery Analytics: SmartRoutes goes beyond basic route planning by providing comprehensive delivery analytics. Through detailed reports and analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your delivery operations.
  • Integration with Third-Partys: SmartRoutes offers seamless integration with popular third-party tools and platforms, further enhancing its capabilities and flexibility. From e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and more, SmartRoutes integrates with various systems to streamline your workflow.

What are the main benefits of SmartRoutes?

Switching to SmartRoutes as an alternative to Upper Route Planner offers several significant benefits. Here are the main advantages you can expect:

  • Affordability: One of the standout benefits of SmartRoutes is its more affordable pricing structure compared to Upper. With plans starting from just €26 per month, you can access essential features without incurring steep costs. This cost-effectiveness allows you to allocate your budget more efficiently and invest in other areas of your business.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: SmartRoutes places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and support. Our dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or customization needs. With prompt and personalized support, you can navigate any challenges and optimize your route planning processes effectively.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for users to set up routes, manage deliveries and access the desired features. This intuitive interface enhances productivity and minimizes the learning curve, allowing you to get up and running quickly.


Basic: €29

Standard: €49

Premium: €69 (minimum 5 licenses)

Enterprise: Custom

SmartRoutes Pricing
SmartRoutes Pricing


If you're seeking an alternative to Upper Route Planner that offers a comprehensive set of features, affordable pricing, exceptional customer service, and a user-friendly experience, SmartRoutes is an excellent choice. With pricing plans starting as low as €26 per month (billed annually) and the ability to integrate with popular third-party tools, SmartRoutes offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for optimizing your delivery operations.

2. Track-POD

Track-POD Homepage
Track-POD Homepage

When it comes to proof of delivery (POD), Track-POD emerges as a software solution that specializes in this crucial aspect of delivery management. While it offers a range of features such as real-time tracking, automated dispatching and customizable delivery notifications, Track-POD's primary focus lies in streamlining the POD process.

With Track-POD's electronic proof of delivery app, drivers can easily capture digital signatures and take photos as evidence of successful deliveries. This paperless delivery system eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and creates a seamless digital record, reducing disputes and improving accountability. The ePOD templates further enhance efficiency by populating the digital delivery notes with captured signatures and photos.

However, it's worth noting that Track-POD's emphasis on proof of delivery comes with certain trade-offs. Route planning and optimization, essential aspects of delivery management, are not offered until the second highest tier in their subscription plans. This means that businesses on lower-tier plans may not have access to comprehensive route planning features, which can limit their ability to optimize driver routes and maximize efficiency.


Standard: $35

Advanced: $59

Advanced Plus: $79

Enterprise: Custom


Track-POD's strength lies in its advanced proof of delivery features, making it a viable choice for businesses seeking to streamline the POD process. However, the limited availability of route planning and optimization features until the second highest subscription tier and the reported bugs mentioned in user reviews are important factors to consider when evaluating its overall suitability for your delivery management needs.

3. Tookan

Tookan Homepage
Tookan Homepage

If you're in search of an alternative to Upper Route Planner that offers comprehensive route planning capabilities, Tookan is a solution worth considering. Alongside essential features like customer notifications and proof of delivery, Tookan provides advanced functionalities such as workforce management, real-time tracking, and in-depth analytics. Designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity, Tookan offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular tools like CRM systems.

Tookan is specifically tailored for enterprises aiming to excel in the customer-centric era, where optimized routes, automation, and real-time tracking are crucial. With Tookan, businesses can efficiently manage and track their field workforces, enabling on-demand deliveries, at-home services, and on-street customer acquisition. By leveraging Tookan's off-the-shelf solution, enterprises can experience enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

It is important to note that certain features such as route optimization and estimated time of arrival (ETA) are considered as "add-ons" rather than being included in any of the subscription plans. This means that users have to pay extra to access these critical functionalities, which can increase the overall cost and make Tookan less affordable compared to other alternatives.


Startup: $129

Growth: $299

Standard: $599

Enterprise: Custom


Tookan is definitely a viable option for larger businesses with larger budgets however, considering the limited functionality, usability issues, additional costs for essential features, and unresponsive customer support, it is important to carefully evaluate Tookan's suitability for your specific requirements.

4. Routific

Routific Homepage
Routific Homepage

Routific is a robust alternative to Upper Route Planner, specifically designed to excel in efficient route optimization. With a strong emphasis on streamlining the route planning process, Routific offers a range of features that enhance delivery operations and maximize efficiency.

One of the standout features of Routific is its intuitive drag-and-drop route planning interface. This user-friendly design allows users to easily create and customize routes by simply dragging and dropping stops onto the map. This visual approach makes it simple to optimize routes based on factors such as distance, time constraints and delivery priorities.

Real-time driver tracking is another valuable feature offered by Routific. With this functionality, businesses can monitor the progress of their drivers in real-time, ensuring that deliveries are on track and any delays can be promptly addressed. This level of visibility allows for effective management of resources and better customer communication.


Essentials: $49

Professional: $59


Routific is a powerful alternative to Upper Route Planner, focusing on efficient route optimization and providing a range of features to enhance delivery management. With its intuitive interface, real-time driver tracking, and integration capabilities, Routific is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their delivery operations. It’s also worth noting that customer notifications are not available as standard on either plan, you must be on the professional plan and it will cost an additional $19 per vehicle per month.

5. RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior Homepage
RoadWarrior Homepage

RoadWarrior is a trusted and dependable alternative to Upper Route Planner, offering powerful route optimization capabilities for businesses. With a focus on efficient delivery operations, Roadwarrior provides a range of features that streamline the route planning process and enhance productivity.

RoadWarrior boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to navigate and utilize its features. The intuitive design allows for quick and seamless route planning, minimizing the learning curve for users. Additionally, RoadWarrior is compatible with various navigation apps, enabling drivers to integrate their preferred navigation tools and streamline their routes effectively.

While RoadWarrior excels in route optimization, it is important to note that it does not offer additional functionalities such as proof of delivery or customer notifications. While the affordability of RoadWarrior, priced at just $15 per month, may be appealing, it is crucial to consider the trade-off in terms of missing out on essential features. Without features like proof of delivery and customer notifications, businesses may need to seek alternative solutions to fulfill these requirements.


Flex: $14.99


RoadWarrior is a reliable alternative to Upper Route Planner, offering robust route optimization capabilities to businesses. With features such as multi-stop route planning, real-time tracking, and address geocoding, RoadWarrior helps streamline delivery operations and improve overall efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular navigation apps make it a popular choice among delivery teams looking to enhance their route planning processes.

Which Alternative to Upper Route Planner Should you Choose for your Business?

When it comes to finding the right alternative to Upper Route Planner, it's essential to consider your business's specific needs and requirements. While Upper Route Planner may offer some features for route planning and delivery management, there are several alternatives that provide a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Ultimately, the choice of an alternative to Upper Route Planner depends on the specific requirements and priorities of your business. It's crucial to evaluate each alternative's features, pricing, user-friendliness, and customer support to make an informed decision. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the alternative that best suits your business's delivery management needs, improves efficiency, and provides a positive customer experience.

If you're looking for a robust alternative with a focus on affordability and exceptional customer service, SmartRoutes is an excellent choice. With its comprehensive features, including route optimization, customer notifications, and proof of delivery, SmartRoutes offers a user-friendly experience and affordable pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Don’t take our word for it, try it out for free over the next 7 days!

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the key features to look for in a route planning software as an alternative to Upper Route Planner?

  • Affordable Pricing: Evaluate the pricing structure of the alternative software to ensure it aligns with your budgetary constraints.
  • Reliability: Check user reviews and testimonials for reliability, as frequent freezes or disruptions can significantly impact your business, especially for deliveries.
  • Flexibility: Look for flexibility in route planning. While Upper Route Planner allows route editing before dispatch, consider alternatives that offer post-dispatch editing capabilities, which can be crucial in dynamic delivery situations.

2. Which route planning software is best suited for small businesses or startups as an alternative to Upper Route Planner?



3. How can I migrate my data and routes from Upper Route Planner to one of the suggested alternatives?


This can be done in a few ways. If you are working from a spreadsheet, then simply download the data from your Upper Route Planner account into a spreadsheet for upload to SmartRoutes. If you have Upper integrated with another system for pulling in orders, you can do this seamlessly with SmartRoutes, and there is little to no setup involved on your part.

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