Best Route Optimization Software: A Guide

Discover the top 5 route optimization software solutions in our comprehensive guide. Streamline your logistics, save time and boost efficiency.

Best route optimization software: A guide

Route optimization software is transforming the landscape of logistical operations across various industries. For the seamless execution of delivery services, this software has become indispensable to professionals in logistics, delivery services, and beyond.

Route optimization software has significantly reduced the burden on logistics teams and delivery services. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and real-time data analytics, route optimization software meticulously maps out the most efficient routes. It factors in an array of variables— delivery windows, vehicle capacities, and driver availability—to craft the most time-saving and cost-effective paths for deliveries.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at 5 of the best route optimization software solutions on the market plus key features and factor to consider when searching for your perfect fit.

5 Best Route Optimization Software

Key Features of the Best Route Optimization Software

Factors to Consider when Choosing Route Optimization Software for Your Business

5 Best Route Optimization Software

1. SmartRoutes

SmartRoutes is an end-to-end logistics planning and management platform. With SmartRoutes, logistics teams can create optimized routes, capture PODs, automate notifications and track fleets all from one platform.

Features include:

  • Effortless file upload via Excel or .CSV formats or seamless integration utilizing Open API, Webhooks, and pre-built connections like Shopify, WooCommerce and Zapier. [See full integrations list].
  • Add custom parameters such as load balancing, vehicle capacities, default stop times (applicable for fleet-wide or individual vehicles), and additional customizable settings.
  • Establish delivery zones or territories and allocate vehicles accordingly, ensuring automated assignment of deliveries to drivers within designated areas.
  • Strategically plan and dispatch routes in advance, providing drivers with comprehensive schedules in advance for better preparedness.
  • Dedicated delivery driver app facilitating easy capture of proof of delivery through various mediums like photos, e-signatures, and barcode scans. Additionally, drivers can mark completed deliveries (with recorded locations for administrative review), input delivery notes, and cite reasons for failed deliveries (accessible via reports).
  • Pre and post-delivery notifications equipped with precise Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) and live tracking links.

Price: starts at €29 / month per vehicle (save 10% with annual billing)

Free trial: 7 day free trial available

SmartRoutes Route Optimization Software

Streamline your entire delivery process, all from one platform

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2. Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner offers a straightforward route planning solution designed for drivers, logistics managers, courier companies, and small businesses. Trusted by more than 800,000 drivers across 150 countries, its iOS and Android mobile apps cater to individual delivery drivers, while the web-based login accommodates both single drivers and entire fleets.


  • Offers a free plan allowing up to 15 stops per route (which surpasses Google Maps by 5 stops), making it an attractive option for companies needing more stops without opting for complex solutions.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Suitable for individual drivers.


  • Zeo’s pricing is quite complicated with premium package information only available if you go to upgrade your account
  • Reports of delayed responses to support queries and answering queries that weren’t raised.
  • Customer-reported issues regarding data upload.

Price: starts at €34.99 / month per ‘seat’

Free trial: No free trial. They have a free subscription which they recommend you use to try out before purchasing.

3. DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack employs a sophisticated routing engine that generates highly efficient routes and offers precise time windows down to the minute. It handles the optimization and routing of thousands of stops daily and possesses the capability to swiftly reload, reroute, and replan entire schedules within seconds.


  • Real-time tracking for both packages and vehicles.
  • Simplified setup process.
  • Enables two-way communication with customers.


  • Routes can’t be adjusted after optimized
  • Occasional user reports of being unexpectedly logged out of the app, leading to difficulties in re-accessing.
  • Complexities in adding photo Proof of Delivery (POD) within the app and inability to delete and retake photos.
  • Limited availability of training materials for new users.

Price: only available on request

Free Trial: not available

4. Track-POD

Track-POD represents an advanced delivery management software that incorporates an electronic proof of delivery application, a mobile solution for real-time monitoring of driver performance, and confirmation of deliveries. This paperless delivery system functions as efficient route planning software, enabling the arrangement of multiple deliveries within seconds. Additionally, the mobile app doubles as a QR/Barcode scanner for load control purposes.


  • Intuitive interface and straightforward setup process.
  • Accessible support team.


  • Route optimization isn't included in their base plan, making it a costly option for users seeking this feature.
  • Customers have noted significant disparities between the IOS and Android versions of the driver app.

Price: $35 / month

Free Trial: 7 day free trial available

5. Circuit

Circuit for Teams stands as an advanced route mapping solution designed to confidently plan, track, and manage delivery operations without the necessity for maps, local area expertise, or technical proficiency. It streamlines tasks, saving considerable time each day.


  • User-friendly interface with customizable features.
  • Offers a 14-day trial period for users to explore its functionalities.
  • Regularly introduces new features and improvements.


  • Some customers express a preference for either separating Circuit Route Planner and Circuit for Teams into distinct brands to avoid confusion, or integrating them for a seamless experience.
  • Lack of tracking if drivers deviate from the planned route.
  • Initial package includes two drivers; there's no dedicated option tailored for a single driver, potentially pushing towards the driver-only app, which comes with limitations.

Price: starts at $100 / month

Free Trial: 14 day trial available

Key Features of Route Optimization Software

Route Planning and Optimization:

Advanced software excels in devising optimized delivery routes. It considers various factors to generate the most efficient paths for multiple stops. These solutions often offer customizable parameters, allowing businesses to prioritize certain criteria.

Live Tracking:

Real-time tracking functionalities enable businesses to monitor their fleet's movements as they occur. By providing live updates on vehicle locations, route deviations, and estimated arrival times (ETAs), this feature enhances operational visibility. It aids in making timely adjustments to routes in response to unexpected delays or changes in customer requests.

Proof of Delivery (POD):

Proof of delivery includes electronic signatures, photos, and barcode scans to validate that the delivery has been completed as intended. This data is crucial for maintaining accurate records and resolving disputes, if any, about deliveries.

Customer Notifications:

These systems send automated notifications to customers, updating them on their delivery status, providing accurate ETAs, and offering real-time tracking links. This transparency builds trust and improves the overall customer experience.

Analytics and Reporting:

Robust analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into delivery performance. These systems generate reports on key metrics such as delivery times, completion sequence and successful delivery rate. Analyzing this data helps in identifying areas for improvement and optimizing strategies for better outcomes.

The combination of these features empowers businesses to optimize their delivery operations, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the market.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Route Optimization Software for Your Business

1. Goals Alignment:

Ensure the software aligns with your specific objectives and operational strategies. Whether your focus is on reducing delivery times, optimizing fuel efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, or streamlining operations, the software should cater to these goals effectively.

2. Scalability:

Future-proof your choice by selecting software that can grow with your business. Look for flexibility that allows accommodating an increase in delivery volumes, expanding fleets, or branching into new territories. Scalable software should adapt to your evolving logistical needs without compromising efficiency or performance.

3. Necessary Features Assessment:

Evaluate whether the software offers essential features critical for your operations. Look for robust route optimization algorithms, real-time tracking capabilities, proof of delivery (POD) functionalities, customer notification systems, and integration capabilities with existing tools or systems. Ensure it caters to your specific industry requirements.

4. Flexibility for Real-time Changes:

Opt for software that enables real-time adjustments to dispatched routes. Dynamic conditions, unexpected events, or last-minute changes necessitate the ability to modify routes on-the-fly. The software should allow for quick adaptations to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.

5. Cost vs. Value:

Strike a balance between the cost of the software and the value it offers to your operations. Consider not just the initial investment but also factors such as potential savings in fuel costs, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. A higher-priced solution might offer substantial value that justifies the expense.

6. Customer Support:

Assess the responsiveness and reliability of the software provider's customer support. Efficient and accessible support is crucial, especially during implementation, integration, or when encountering technical issues. Look for user reviews, response times, available support channels, and the provider's reputation for resolving queries or problems promptly.

SmartRoutes is the Best Route Optimization Software on the Market

But don't just take our word for it—take advantage of our free 7-day trial and experience firsthand how SmartRoutes can revolutionize your delivery operations. Explore its intuitive features, witness its ability to dynamically adapt to changing circumstances, and see the measurable impact it can make on your logistical efficiency. Try it out and discover why SmartRoutes stands as a top choice for businesses aiming to optimize their delivery processes.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is route optimization software?


Route optimization software is a technology solution that employs advanced algorithms and data analytics to determine the most efficient routes for vehicles, delivery trucks, or field service agents. It takes into account various factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle capacity, and scheduling constraints to optimize routes and improve overall operational efficiency.

2. What industries can benefit from route optimization software?


Route optimization software is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries. It is particularly useful for transportation and logistics companies, field service management, e-commerce businesses, food delivery services, and any industry where efficient routing and scheduling of resources are critical to operations.

3. What features does the best route optimization software have?

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring: Allows businesses to track the location and progress of their vehicles or service agents in real-time, enabling better visibility and control over operations.
  • Intelligent route planning and optimization algorithms: Utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze multiple factors, such as traffic conditions, delivery constraints, and vehicle capacity, to determine the most efficient routes.
  • Customizable routes based on business requirements: Enables businesses to tailor routes according to specific needs, considering factors like customer preferences, delivery windows, and priority stops.
  • Reporting and analytics tools for performance evaluation: Provides reporting features and analytics tools to assess the performance of routes, deliveries, and overall operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

4. Can route optimization software integrate with other business systems?


Yes, route optimization software often offers integration capabilities with other business systems. This may include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and fleet management solutions. Integration enhances overall business processes by providing a seamless flow of information across different platforms.

5. How does route optimization software contribute to cost savings for businesses?

  • Reducing fuel costs by optimizing routes for the shortest distances and minimizing idle time.
  • Minimizing vehicle wear and tear through more efficient driving routes.
  • Improving resource utilization by optimizing schedules and routes, reducing the need for additional vehicles.
  • Enhancing overall operational efficiency, leading to increased productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Providing data and analytics for informed decision-making, further optimizing costs and resources.

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