Grocery delivery software

Grocery delivery management is a growing sector and software solutions are now providing a much better experience for supermarkets, wholesalers and end-customers.

A man in a mask taking delivery of food from a delivery driver on his doorstep
Grocery delivery software

According to US Online Grocery Survey 2021: Post-Surge Prospects, more than one in three of online grocery shoppers are going to continue with their habit of retail. In addition to that, more than one-quarter of shoppers said they expect to buy groceries online more frequently than they did during the pandemic.

SmartRoutes provides the best-in-class last-mile delivery software solution for supermarkets and wholesalers. As consumer habits change and delivery becomes a fundamental sale channel for retailers route optimization solutions need to step in to help meet that demand.

If you want to know how to run supermarket home deliveries or wholesale order fulfilment then we have the conclusive list here.

How to do route planning and optimization

  • Cut hours of admin and planning time by having multiple delivery routes, created at the click of a button with optimization software. This contributes to the requirement of being an eco-friendly delivery service.
  • Utilize Zip codes and Post codes to quickly and accurately plan deliveries
  • Create flexible geographical zones and automatically assign work within those parameters
  • Optimize vehicle efficiency with smart load-balancing that means vehicles go out fully loaded
  • Dispatch routes to drivers via their own app
  • Include dispatch notes for drivers so they know what to do/expect
A planned route on SmartRoutes

How to fleet track in real-time

  • Real-time vehicle tracking gives a birds-eye view on what's happening in the field
  • Manage new orders and allocate them to your drivers throughout the day
  • Give accurate ETA's to customers so they are not stuck at home waiting for deliveries
  • Give your customers a real-time tracking portal so they can see their delivery making its way to them. This is a huge 'wow' moment for you.
  • Develop a customer list that can become a 'set' route for your drivers

Delivery management and picking efficiency

  • Order picking and assignment to drivers can be chaotic so use software to streamline this process
  • Improve efficiency of in-store order picking through automated order allocation to drivers
  • Give drivers and management a clear picture of the pick status and the expected items to be in the delivery
  • Why not integrate your existing picking run-sheet system with your delivery software
Improve efficiency of in-store order picking through automated order allocation
SmartRoutes Supermarket Delivery Driver App Features

Driver retail delivery app

  • Let drivers get their routes assigned automatically through a delivery driver app
  • Give them clarity on their working hours for the day
  • Give dispatch notes to drivers by individual stop/customer so they know exactly what to do
  • Allow drivers to navigate their route effectively and on-time
  • Allow drivers take driver notes for end-of-day reports without having to talk to dispatch manager directly
  • Record signatures, notes and proof-of-delivery
  • Let driver routes be tracked in real-time to prove out efficiency and record work done
  • Improve data protection and security with a totally digital process

Reporting and insights

  • See end-of-day/week reports on driving time, efficiency and route diversions
  • Automate weekly or monthly DOT, CSAT, NPS etc.
  • Become a data-driven home delivery operation and generate insights to improve the experience for drivers and customers
  • Become less reliant on driver local knowledge of routes and individual stops with driver notes reports and historic route data

Integrations with retailer systems

SmartRoutes works with you to integrate with all major retail solutions or can create custom solutions as necessary for enterprise clients.

"We'd tried third-party delivery and the customer satisfaction levels weren't there. SmartRoutes allowed us to bring our delivery operation in-house and gave us full control markedly increased customer satisfaction rates"

Niall Mulcair - Senior Brand Manager - O' Brien Foods/Brady Family Ham