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We help supermarkets and grocery stores to evolve with growing consumer demand for just-in-time and cost-effective solutions.

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Delivery Management

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Route Planning

Simplify your route planning process and save countless hours on administrative tasks. Generate multiple delivery routes for various drivers and vehicles with a single click. Create geographical zones and allocate vehicles and drivers accordingly, streamlining your operations.

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Delivery Driver App

Our driver app empowers retailers to automatically assign routes to drivers, providing a clear overview of their daily working hours. It also equips drivers with dispatch notes for each individual stop or customer, ensuring smooth and efficient deliveries.

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Visibility over your Drivers

Completing planned routes in their sequence is crucial, as both early and late deliveries can inconvenience customers. Our driver app records and monitors drivers' progression and when they mark deliveries complete, enabling you to pull comprehensive reports for analysis.

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Customer Notifications

Elevate customer satisfaction and boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by offering real-time Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) notifications. Live tracking links enable customers to monitor their grocery delivery in real-time, delivering an enhanced and transparent shopping experience.

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Delivery Management

Enhance vehicle efficiency with intelligent load-balancing, ensuring a balanced workload for your drivers. Allocate orders throughout the day, taking delivery time-slots into account and ultimately improving your in-store order picking efficiency. Record essential driver and route metrics, such as driving time, efficiency, and route diversion.

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing order picking run-sheet systems. As orders are placed and delivery time windows are chosen, our system will automatically route them based on driver availability, zones, and the delivery time windows selected by the customer.

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  • Increase your Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve resource allocation by delivering a higher volume of grocery orders within the same timeframe
  • Streamline the in-store order picking process
  • Instantly dispatch routes to Drivers


SmartRoutes is experienced in working with third-parties software providers and can be seamlessly integrated with your current Telematics and Order Management Systems

Easily integrate with your existing Proof-of-Delivery solution

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What people say about SmartRoutes

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The Smart Routes platform has greatly improved our operational efficiency when it comes to routing, it has also provided an additional touch point for our customers via the text message with tracking information. We've received really positive feedback on the system both from our customers around being able to track their orders as well as from stores in terms of the positive impact it's had on our fulfilment processes and operation efficiency.

Caroline Walsh Musgrave

Read more about our project with Musgrave here

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
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