With soaring fleet and labour costs, route planning is more complex than ever before. SmartRoutes automates this process for you.

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Route Planning

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Route Planning

Plan and optimize your delivery routes at the click of a button. Instantly retrieve historical route information. Eliminate the need for last-minute roadside routing. Automatically verify the authenticity and location accuracy of addresses provided by customers.

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Proof of Delivery

Capture electronic POD’s using photos and e-signatures to prevent customer disputes concerning undelivered items. This establishes a digital archive for future audits and reporting needs, enabling authorized personnel to swiftly search, access, and print ePODs in a matter of seconds.

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Visibility over your Drivers

Gain a birds-eye view of operations from office to road, allowing for better oversight of deliveries for depot managers, logistics teams, drivers and end customers. Monitor driver routes in real-time to ensure efficiency and completion of all tasks.

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Delivery Management

Seamlessly upload order information via CSV files or API. Customize delivery windows and prioritize routes based on customer requests. Increase capacity and reduce fleet size with top-tier route optimization while ensuring flexible zoning through precise vehicle and driver assignments to specific areas.

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Seamlessly integrate with the software you already use. Opt for our pre-built integrations or leverage our open API and watch as SmartRoutes swiftly imports order data within minutes, eliminating the need for manual uploads.

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Customer Notifications

Keep your customers informed throughout the entire process by sending automated SMS and email notifications. These notifications not only provide updates on delivery status but include a live tracking link that customers can use to track their delivery driver as they make their way to them, thereby minimizing the likelihood of missed deliveries and the need for subsequent re-deliveries.

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  • Access advanced insights and analytics
  • Quickly update address data and routes for on-the-fly deliveries
  • Maximize savings with intelligent load-balancing
  • Provide drivers with dispatch notes for each delivery seamlessly


SmartRoutes is experienced in working with third-parties software providers and can be seamlessly integrated with your current Telematics and Order Management Systems

Easily integrate with your existing Proof-of-Delivery solution

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What people say about SmartRoutes

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We needed a modern solution, one making use of new technology available on market. Our teams favourite feature at present is the Online Customer Delivery Booking Portal. We send our customers a proposed delivery date by SMS/E-Mail with a link to confirm or select a delivery date of their choice. The system then gets updated immediately with the customers choice and our team has instant visibility of this change. This feature has saved our team hours of manual work on mail merge and keeping track of customers' responses. Our clients are very happy that they have full visibility of their orders and can pull their own reports from the system.

Roberto B. Transvalair

Read more about our project with Transvalair here

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