Route Optimization API: The Key to Scaling Routing & Dispatching

Route Optimization APIs can streamline your entire delivery operations and save hours in logistics planning and post delivery management time.

Route Optimization API: The Key to Scaling Routing & Dispatching

Tools, software, systems, and data have become central to every modern delivery operation. Gradually, and sometimes without even realizing it, logistics and last-mile delivery businesses have turned to solutions like:

  • Google Drive (cloud storage)
  • Order Management Software
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Telematics and Fleet Management Solutions
  • eCommerce and Online Trade Solutions

With these solutions now playing a central role in how you operate your delivery business or service, their importance has increased. They now receive and process much of the information and data your business relies on.

If you have found your way to this blog, you might already realize that integrating these solutions and sharing information among them could save you hours.

At SmartRoutes, we specialize in route planning and optimization software that eliminates the burden of planning routes and trying in vain to make them as efficient as possible.

That’s where our Route Optimization API comes in. It allows you to feed real-time information and data between your everyday solutions and our delivery management system. If you’ve ever wondered if you could have routes created and optimized based on orders in your order management system or eCommerce solution, this is where our ready-made and custom routing APIs come into play.

What is a Route Optimization API?

What Software Solutions can be Integrated with Route Optimization Software?

Key Features and Benefits of SmartRoutes Route Optimization API

Case Study: How an API integration with SAP transformed an Enterprise Delivery Operation

What is a Route Optimization API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, it’s a set of rules and protocols for building and interacting with software applications. For example, if you receive an online order on your eCommerce site and it alerts you by email, this is triggered by an API.

A Route Optimization API uses data such as orders from an Order Management System, driver and vehicle constraints like availability and break times from Telematics systems, and customer requirements and requests from CRMs to ensure that routes can be created as effectively as possible based on parameters and conditions set in existing business software and solutions.

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Key Features and Benefits of a Route Optimization API

Efficient Routing: The API calculates the most efficient way to navigate through multiple waypoints. This includes determining the shortest or fastest route, taking into consideration factors like traffic, road types, distance, and time.

Multiple Stops: Unlike simple A-to-B navigation, route optimization APIs can handle routes with multiple stops, rearranging them in the optimal sequence to save time and reduce travel costs.

Custom Constraints: They often allow for customization based on specific constraints, such as delivery windows, vehicle capacity, driver working hours, and more, making them ideal for complex logistical operations.

Scalability: Route optimization APIs can scale from routing for small fleets to managing extensive logistics networks, supporting businesses of all sizes. Because API calls can eliminate the need for human data input, your business can scale deliveries without any additional management resources.

Integration with Other Systems: Our Routing API is designed to be integrated into existing software systems, allowing for seamless coordination between different business functions like dispatching, customer service, and inventory management.

What Software Solutions can be Integrated with Route Optimization Software?

At SmartRoutes, we’ve developed a range of APIs that cater specifically to the needs of IT leaders in logistics and eCommerce. Our APIs facilitate the automatic synchronization of data across various systems:

eCommerce Systems: Automate the feed of orders directly into the delivery queue. This can be done by sharing order information from platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to the SmartRoutes Delivery Management System.

CRM Systems: Sync customer data to personalize delivery experiences and improve satisfaction. This includes solutions like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

ERP Systems: Integrate inventory and shipping details, reducing errors and saving time. This includes enterprise solutions like SAP and Herbst.

Key Features and Benefits of SmartRoutes Route Optimization API

The power of integrating these common business solutions with SmartRoutes means that you can reduce hours of manual data input and updates to an automated process that takes seconds and requires no human input. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency

The SmartRoutes Route Optimization API revolutionizes your delivery operations by automating systems integration. This synchronization dramatically reduces the time previously consumed by manual data entry, streamlining your entire delivery process. Our solution ensures that all your systems—from warehouse management to customer relations and order handling—work seamlessly together, enhancing operational efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Our API is designed to optimize delivery routes efficiently, which directly results in substantial savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance. By minimizing unnecessary mileage and optimizing driver routes, SmartRoutes helps you lower operational costs and boost overall profitability.

Our customer, DeliverIT, has reduced their admin time by using our API to create routes based on their contracted partners' orders, and delivering invoices directly to their ERP systems based on proof-of-delivery statements captured in the SmartRoutes system.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of SmartRoutes' innovation is our commitment to your customers' satisfaction. Our Route Optimization API provides real-time updates and faster delivery capabilities, ensuring that your customers enjoy a superior delivery experience. Quick, reliable deliveries translate into higher customer satisfaction rates and increased loyalty.

How an API integration with SAP transformed an Enterprise Delivery Operation

Outdoor Living is one of Ireland's largest retailers and distributors of outdoor furniture.

Logistics Manager Brett Lombard faced a problem we see often at SmartRoutes—the business ERP system (SAP) was performing excellently, but planning delivery routes meant having to pull information from it and manually enter it into their existing delivery management software.

At SmartRoutes, we have built a comprehensive integration with SAP that allows us to pull custom data such as order sizes and volumes, specific customer requests, and driver schedules.

No more exporting Excel and CSV files.

No more manual data entry that was prone to error.

It has completely eliminated hours of work that their office-based staff were doing day-to-day and given them far more confidence in scaling the online store and delivery fleet.

Check out the full story of the furniture delivery outfit implementing an Route Optimization API & SAP integration here.

Get Started With Route Optimization API Today

In today’s competitive delivery landscape, integrating your systems with APIs is not just a smart move - it’s essential. By automating data synchronization and optimizing routes in real-time, you unlock unparalleled efficiency and cost savings.

Imagine a streamlined workflow where every order, from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep, is handled with precision and minimal human input. This is the future of last mile delivery that we have spent the last decade perfecting at SmartRoutes.

Don’t let outdated processes hold your business back. Experience the transformation our Route Optimization API can bring to your delivery operations. Try SmartRoutes for free today to learn more and start your journey towards seamless delivery excellence.

Your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line will thank you.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Route Optimization API and how does it work?


A Route Optimization API helps in planning and optimizing delivery routes. It uses data from various systems like Order Management Systems, Telematics, and CRMs to create the most efficient routes based on parameters such as traffic, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity.

2. How can integrating a Route Optimization API benefit my delivery business?


Integrating a Route Optimization API can enhance operational efficiency by automating data synchronization between different systems, reducing manual data entry, optimizing delivery routes to save on fuel and time, and improving customer satisfaction with faster, more reliable deliveries.

3. Which software solutions can be integrated with the SmartRoutes Route Optimization API?


The SmartRoutes Route Optimization API can integrate with various software solutions including eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, and ERP systems like SAP and Herbst, among others.

4. Can a Route Optimization API handle complex routing requirements?


Yes, a Route Optimization API can handle complex routing requirements by allowing customization based on specific constraints such as delivery windows, vehicle capacities, driver working hours, and more. This makes it ideal for businesses with intricate logistical needs.

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