Logistics management in agriculture

Agriculture carries much of our food produce from farm to wholesale centres and requires advanced efficiency in supply chain to keep costs low. Learn how to do this here.

A truck in the background of a pallet of apples
Logistics management in agriculture

At SmartRoutes, our team has experience in supporting the unique transport needs of the industry when it comes to feed, grain & fertiliser deliveries and milk collection. With in-depth market knowledge, we’ve worked closely with some of Ireland and the UK’s leading Agri & Dairy Enterprises to maximise the efficiency of their transport operations. SmartRoutes has been proven to reduce distances travelled by up to 30%.

In the drive for sustainability and viability, SmartRoutes is your trusted partner.

Agri Route Planning

  • Plan and optimise routes for bulk, mini-bulk and bagged deliveries collectively
  • Manage routes for all vehicle types, from tankers to tippers on one interface
  • Increase visibility across the organisation with a birds-eye view of operations from office to road
  • Update orders & routes on-the-go from the Back-Office Planner or Driver Mobile App
  • Establish a comprehensive knowledge database of road networks and yards
  • Drive fuel efficiency with smart-load balancing and optimized routing
SmartRoutes Agri and Dairy Route Planner
SmartRoutes Agri and Dairy Route Planner Settings

Milk Collection

  • Track key data on vehicle capacity, supplier quantity & collection duration
  • Stagger milk arrival times to ensure steady stream of arrivals at processing plant

Customer Satisfaction

  • Create customisable delivery windows for customers based on milking times etc.
  • Keep customers updated with real-time ETAs via SMS
  • Instantly access historical route data, proof-of-delivery and signatures
SmartRoutes Agri Delivery SMS Notification
SmartRoutes Driver App Collection List

Driver App

  • Provides drivers with industry leading-navigation
  • Utilise Zipcodes, GPS Co-Ordinates, Postcodes, Eircodes & what3words to accurately identify drop-sites
  • Include dispatch notes on orders for drivers

Sales Team Visibility

  • Sales Teams can see orders allocated to geographic areas
  • Fill part-loads by pro-actively contacting customers when vehicles are due in their area
  • Improve fleet efficiency by entirely eliminating part-loads
SmartRoutes Agri Sales Planner


  • SmartRoutes works with you to integrate with your current telematics and management solutions
John Grennan SmartRoutes quote
"The SmartRoutes team have been exceptional. They have helped us greatly reduce our carbon footprint and transport costs through better route planning, while at the same time reducing our yearly admin by over 800 hours."

John Grennan, Owner, B. Grennan Transport