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Capture POD on mobile app by e-sign, photo or barcode scan

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Secure your delivery operations and reporting with POD

Capture proof of delivery by e-signature, photo or barcode scan for total security and compliance. Automate email confirmation to customers or to the relevant ERP system.

Plan your routes easily and quickly image

Excel at the delivery experience for your customers keeping them in the loop with real-time notifications and a live package tracking portal. Cut out missed deliveries and unhappy customers with a simple to implement solution that anyone in your business can use. Increase customer return rates and control your costs on the most expensive section of your logistics journey.

Why you should choose SmartRoutes

  • Incredibly intuitive and simple-to-use platform and app
  • Most affordable full-service delivery management solution on the market
  • A customer support team that is committed to making SmartRoutes work for you
  • Delivery experience functionality that will ensure you delight and retain your customers
  • Highly configurable to meet the delivery needs of any business

What our customers say about SmartRoutes

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The team at SmartRoutes have been exceptional. They were able to get us up and running in no time and even came on-site to understand operations and tailor everything accordingly. Since then support has always been there at a moments notice too.

- John Grennan Grennans Transport

How SmartRoutes helps you capture proof of delivery

Plan your routes easily and quickly image
  • 1
  • Dispatch your drivers to customers in an ordered and optimized route
  • 2
  • Set up your SmartRoutes mobile app to capture photo POD
  • 3
  • Enable e-sign proof-of-delivery on the mobile app
  • 4
  • Generate accurate ETAs to ensure customer is available to receive
  • 5
  • Send a closing email or SMS to customers notifying of proof-of-delivery
  • 6
  • View end of day reports to track driver activity and delivery proofs
  • 7
  • Sync your proof of delivery back to your ERP system or generate a report

Proof of delivery system with so much more

POD notifications

Automatically email your customers after delivery with proof of delivery photo or e-signature

E-signature capture

Drivers can capture recipient e-signature as proof of delivery directly on their SmartRoutes app

Photo proof

Use the mobile app to take a photo of delivery location and share with relevant parties

Integrate with your systems

Sync proof of delivery information back to your ERP system

Mobile apps

Beautiful and intuitive delivery driver apps on iOS and Android that get the delivery job done

Sync field and depot

Capture all delivery activities in real-time including progress of route stops, proof of delivery and driver notes

Order tracking

Filter orders by scheduled, in progress, completed or undelivered to successfully manage orders

Label printing

Print out manifests or labels direct from system

POD follow-up

Follow up with customers post-delivery with branded proof of delivery documentation

And that’s not all…check out other SmartRoutes features

Proof of delivery is crucial to closing the service loop

Proof-of-delivery is critical to closing the delivery loop. Proof of a service call being completed to a customers satisfaction is also essential in field sales and servicing companies. Deliveries in the field is an inherently uncertain activity and POD helps to bring clarity to the last mile. Electronic, automated POD improves your systems and reduces administrative time spent on the backend of your operation.

59% of consumers say a positive delivery experience has encouraged them to make a repeat purchase – IMRG

See how much you will save using SmartRoutes

Monthly Savings of implementing SmartRoutes


This does not include reduction in carbon footprint, increases to delivery experience for customers, proof of delivery functionality and hedging against driver attrition

Talk to a SmartRoutes expert

  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
  • No set-up fees
  • Short-term commitment to test ROI
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