SmartRoutes enables control of last mile deliveries and gives total oversight of partners delivery performance.

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Plan & Optimise Routes

  • SmartRoutes provides you with the end to end features and functions you need from planning, routing, management, proof-of-delivery & reporting.
  • A solid business and its reputation depend on you having a robust system and process in place. SmartRoutes is just that.
  • We know expectations are high. Your customers expect you to bring cutting edge operations to support their business, and that means delivering a quality service at the lowest possible cost. In other words, walking a last-mile logistics tightrope.

Route Planning

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Plan and optimise your same and next-day delivery routes at the click of a button on the Desktop-based planner

Access a birds-eye view of operations from office to road

Unlimited stops

Easy-to-use interface

Upload routes and orders via CSV or API

Create customisable delivery windows and sequence routes based on customer requests and priority deliveries

Access historical route data instantly

  • 5-20%

    Reductions in CO2 emissions, mileage and driving time
  • 30%

    Average increase in delivery capacity on each route
  • 80%

    Reduction in time spent on route planning & admin tasks

Route & Vehicle Optimisation

  • Increase capacity and reduce fleet size with industry-leading route optimisation
  • Use Postcodes, Eircodes, GPS Co-Ordinates & what3words to ensure accurate delivery addresses
  • Flexible zoning, incorporating vehicle and driver assignment to specific areas
  • Advanced insights and analytics from machine-learned routing data
  • Save money with smart load-balancing

Data Cleansing & Address Verification

  • Automate the cleansing and update of inaccurate addresses
  • Automatically verify the authenticity and location accuracy of addresses provided by customers

Intuitive Driver Mobile Apps

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  • Industry-leading navigation
  • Real-time GPS tracking and ETAs, prompting automated updates to end-customer
  • Update address data and roues for ad-hoc deliveries
  • Integrated proof-of-delivery with photo and signatures
  • Add third-party drivers to your system and have them onboarded with the app in minutes
  • Include dispatch notes on each delivery for drivers
  • Reduce ramp-up and learning time for new and third party drivers without geographical knowledge
  • Eliminate road-side routing


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Fully customisable and dynamic reporting

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Get frequent driver performance reports

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Seamless & automated Delivery-On-Time and SLA reporting


SmartRoutes is experienced in working with third-parties software providers and can be seamlessly integrated with your current Telematics and Order Management Systems

Easily integrate with your existing Proof-of-Delivery solution

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See our full list of integrations here

What people say about SmartRoutes

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“Ease of implementation and on-going support”

SmartRoutes helped me reduce admin planning time by 85% and fuel by 20%. However, what really sets SmartRoutes apart is the ease of implementation and the on-going support they provide.

Barry R. Owner, Deliver-It

Read more about our project with Deliver-IT here

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  • Trusted by local to national logistics teams
  • Proven savings of up to 33% on per-delivery cost
  • Reduces carbon emissions to meet carbon neutral commitments
  • No set-up fees
  • Short-term commitment to test ROI
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