New Features Review - SmartRoutes

All that’s new with the Delivery Management Platform, SmartRoutes, including feature releases and upgrades

New Features Review - SmartRoutes

Let’s take a look at everything we have added here at SmartRoutes over the last few months. Whether you’re a current customer trying to make the most out of our service or shopping around for information on what’s the best delivery management software solution for your business, you are bound to find the article helpful!

Delivery and collection options

Many of our clients have struggled in their delivery route management with including both collections and deliveries on the same routes. Adding both is sure to be a good use of time, however when done incorrectly, it can mean sending your drivers in all different directions with their vans never emptying!

Now with SmartRoutes you can create even more intelligent routes that take into account if a stop is a collection or delivery. Now you can make sure your vehicles are optimally loaded at all points in their routes!

Delivery routes showing collection [purple] and delivery [red] points
Delivery routes showing collection [purple] and delivery [red] points

Vehicle capacities

Size, weight and any other criteria can now be customized for your fleet. You can now automatically assign deliveries or collections to your fleet of vehicles and input into the SmartRoutes system what every vehicle can handle. Making sure you also maximize the capacity of every vehicle!

Another feature added for vehicle capacities is you can now nominate vehicles to return to the depot during their working day based on vehicle capacities. Or, you can nominate routes to take place over multiple days for large geographies or regular drops.

Vehicle capacities input menu
Vehicle capacities input menu

Driver push notifications

One of our top added features would have to be driver push notifications! Push notifications can now go directly to the driver that are out on their delivery or collection routes. So no need to be constantly checking the app. Now you can update your drivers in real-time with notifications coming through to their phones even if the SmartRoutes app isn't open!

Two-way integration with Shopify

Orders are now automatically completed on Shopify when marked as complete on the SmartRoutes driver app. No more marking off orders manually.

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Delivery man cross checking the order details on the package and the delivery management system

Multi-Depot view

With SmartRoutes you now have a global view of your multiple depots on the map. From here you can easily toggle between depots by clicking on each depot modal.

New user type added. You can now add Multi-depot users to your team! Alternatively, you can have team members who are only associated with one depot.

Order management suite

Now you can control what columns appear on your order management screen, add or remove what you want to see, giving you more functionality and customization options.

Simplified Customer Route Creation

If you have a customer database in SmartRoutes you can now simply pull in a list of customer id's to create a new route for deliveries or collections. No more messy spreadsheets!

Vehicle Summary Screen Upgrade

The vehicle summary screen now allows route planners to see their fleet before they even take to the road. You can view capacities, distances and hours on the road all in one place.

New reporting metric: Sequence %

You can now view how accurately drivers have kept to the order of the stops on their routes. Let’s get to 100% like our customer below. Important for anyone using time windows who don’t favor early deliveries anymore than late!

Live: Behind/Ahead of Schedule Alert

Our live routes now display how many minutes behind or ahead of schedule drivers are on their route. Now you can see in real-time the routes that are problematic and can make adjustments accordingly.

New locations

SmartRoutes has landed in two new countries with travel time data and support available in Japan and Denmark.

Upgraded label printing

You can now split your labels into separate printouts which you can then attach to each box in multi-package deliveries. Particularly useful for multiple item deliveries like clothes or furniture.

For any questions for current customers visit our support page, if you want to know more about our services you can contact us here and to keep up to date with feature updates you can check our What's New page!