Helpful step-by-step guides on how to use the SmartRoutes platform.

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Getting Started

How to sign up for SmartRoutes

Where do I log in as an admin user?

Where do I log in as a driver?

Unable to sign up for a free trial as it says "An account is already set-up for this email address. Please click here to sign in"

Integrations: How does it work?

Tips on how to optimize your trial

Uploading Data to SmartRoutes

How to add drivers

How to format and upload spreadsheets and .csv files

How to Add Stops in SmartRoutes

Address formatting and common issues

Driver Settings

Driver Settings: How to add driver breaks and skills

How to ensure loads are 'balanced' between drivers

Stop Settings

Customer Booking Portal: How to confirm time windows with customers

How to add collection 'stops' as well as delivery 'stops' on a route

How to set up stop durations

Other Settings

Vehicle Settings: How to add vehicle capacity and other constraints

How to add custom fields

Zones: How to add zones to your routes

Third Party Portal: Setup, User Access & Permissions

Route Planning

How to Plan a Route

How to make changes to your routes

Dispatching Routes

How to dispatch routes

Make changes to already dispatched routes

Labels, Proof of Delivery and Analytics

How to print labels

How to take proof of delivery

How to access driver analytics and reports

Customer Notifications and Driver Tracking

How to set up customer notifications

How to track drivers in real time

Admin, Account Information and Help

I outsource my deliveries, can I still use SmartRoutes?

How SmartRoutes Pricing and Billing Works

How to update your billing information

How to upgrade your account from a free trial

How to change your subscription plan

How to or add and remove vehicles

How to cancel your account

How to reactivate an old account