How to add collection 'stops' as well as pick up 'stops' on a route

How to add collection 'stops' as well as pick up 'stops' on a route

Need to collect from separate addresses from the address you deliver to? No problem!

You can easily set your stops are delivery or collection drops. This can be done in a few ways:

Add collection stops using a spreadsheet

You can add the heading ‘Stop Type’ and input whether it is a ‘delivery’ or ‘collection’.

Add collection stops manually

When adding stops manually you can set the ‘stop type’ in the form field to ‘delivery’ or 'collection’.

Both options work the same it just depends on your preference for data upload! Once stops are set as delivery or collection, the route will be optimized to ensure drivers don’t waste backtracking.

Update Stop Types to 'Collection'

You can set the default stop type in the settings menu. By setting your default stop type as ‘collection’, then any uploaded stops will automatically be set as ‘collection’. You will find this by going to Settings > Route Creation > Default Stop Type.

Happy Routing!

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